Teaching Philosophy 

I teach to help develop a love for music through singing. Music is an art form born to inspire the human soul. It comes from a place of passion and is often used to heighten or express the inexpressible. The teaching of music should never promote discouragement or a feeling of helplessness. Afterall, if you smother the wonder and passion found in the birth of music, what is the point?

I believe that this love of music will be developed by achieving a deeper understanding of musicianship through musical and poetic content, historical background, emotional connection, and dramatic coaching. While encouraging a greater understanding of one’s musicality I strongly promote the practice of health-conscious techniques that can be used over a verity of vocal styles. Some of these techniques include appoggio breathing, vocal muscle development, and singing within the correct vocal range. It is important to understand that the learning processes does not happen overnight, and often involves working on music slowly. Learning to love music is not about how much of it you get through, but about the amount of quality time you put into making it your own.

Anyone can gain a greater love and understanding of music. I teach to help develop that love for music in singers. Learn to express yourself through music and one day you might inspire another’s love of music.


  Teaching Experience 

Jocelyn is an adjunct voice instructor with the University of Utah. She also has been operating her private voice and acting studio since 2013. Her current studio is located in Logan Utah. There, she offers lessons to people of all ages and abilities from beginner to emerging professional. She enjoys giving master classes to other private studios on character development and audition prep. Jocelyn is currently a Music Theater Instructor with Utah Festival Opera & Music Theatre Conservatory where she teaches group classes to children. 


30 min lesson      $30

60 min lesson      $50

Lesson payments are month-to-month, with a month’s tuition due on the day of the first lesson for that month. You may sign up for one trial lesson without committing to paying for the rest of the month.